Since the human population is constantly growing, food industry is facing more and more challenges to provide sufficient quantities of quality food. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce food waste caused by short and limited shelf-life of food and especially fresh products, such as meat, fruits, and vegetables.


Packaging technologies play key role in promoting quality, longevity and freshness of food products. Therefore, new concepts of intelligent packaging have been introduced to extend the shelf-life or to improve food quality and safety.


Issues regarding the effect of packaging materials on the human health in the case of intelligent packaging are expected to be major challenges for the active packaging market’s growth.





The situation is additionally complicated for organic food products since there are numerous restrictions regarding materials that are compatible with this type of products.


As far as organic and natural food is concerned, the USDA estimates that supermarkets only lose about USD 15 billion annually in unsold fruit and vegetables alone.


It is still a big challenge to make a packaging material from environmentally friendly raw materials, cheap, non-toxic to humans, which exhibit good antimicrobial, antioxidant and mechanical properties.





However, B-Fresh team offers solution. We developed emulsions optimized for different fresh ingredients (fruits, vegetables, meat) protection that meets all of these requirements. As for the carrier phase, a combination of readily available bio-polymers was used.


Active components that exhibit high antimicrobial/antioxidant activity even at low concentrations were encapsulated into a bio-polymer matrix and.


Benefit of our approach is lower production cost and adaptability of technology that enables that B-Fresh emulsion can be used as a spray, or impregnation in already existing packaging materials.